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…being your own boss (nobody tells you what to do!)


…feeling more confident, motivated & energised to take action?

doing-what-you-love…doing what you love most for a living?

Let me help guide you towards a business idea that’s right for YOU.


Discover ‘You’ is 80 pages filled with inspiration, interactive activities, and prompts to help guide you through the journey of uncovering your inner entrepreneur for just $19. It is an eBook to help you better understand yourself, gain more focus, and unleash those ideas that have been bouncing around your mind. We want to help you harness your ideas and skills in a meaningful way so that it translates into a viable and workable business idea that is best suited for YOU.

Here’s What’s Included:

The Possibilities of an Online Business
The online space offers infinite possibility and there is more than enough real estate to cater for anyone who wants to generate an income doing what they love online.
Unpacking Your Skill Sets
The very heart of your online business is ‘YOU.’ Understanding yourself will provide clarity on a business that is best suited to your strengths, skills and interests.
What Makes You Tick?
So this is your time to shine. Your chance to think about yourself and what you want from life. This exercise starts to dig into your ‘why.’ It will help you work through what you consider to be important in all aspects of your life.
Unearthing Your Unique Ideas
Do you have a lot of ideas? Or, are you finding it difficult to think of a decent idea? Perhaps you have an idea that you would like to try but unsure if it would work. We have designed activities to help you brainstorm ideas and shape them into a viable business for you.
Finding the Business that's right for You
Once you have come up with several ideas, we help you dig deeper into your ideas so that you can shape them into a viable business that best works for you.
Understanding Your Unique Selling Point
We help you work through what makes your business unique…what makes it stand out from the crowd.
Finding Your Niche
Niching a business can be a difficult process for many business owners. We help guide you through the process of understanding what niching your business can look like and how you can niche your own business ideas.
Setting Actionable Goals
Setting your goals is the first actionable step you take towards building a business.
Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
We help guide you through the process of creating that elevator pitch to help you talk about your business with confidence.
Declaring Your Intentions
This is where we really get to the very heart of your business and your intentions. This is where you declare to the universe your business idea. This is where you bring your exquisite plan to life visually.


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What Others Have to Say

 Soraya’s new eBook (and other amazing online resources) is practical, informative, and affordable. It’s perfect for women wishing to jump into the online business arena.  

It’s absolutely inspiring to read words of wisdom from women just like me, making it online. This eBook will help women at a career crossroads, new mothers not wishing to return to the 9-5 life, and those developing a passive income from a hobby or professional skill.

Soraya’s reflective worksheets draw out your strengths, talents, and interests to help you develop a sustainable business model. Discover ‘You’ is born out of solid business theory. Women with little or no formal business background learn it’s not just about having a great idea, it’s also about solving consumer problems. Find your niche and get started today.

Leslie Weighill | The Real Uganda

Leslie Weighill | Discover Online You | Female Entrepreneur

The Discover ‘You’ eBook has been really useful to get some of my business ideas into sharper focus. I had a good idea about what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to map those ideas out into goal to help me move forward. The guided sections of focusing on key ideas and personal aptitudes really helped set myself up for the end goal of having a mission statement and a vision for my business. I got more out of this exercise that I thought I initially would. It was very empowering and encouraging to get to the end and realise that I really do have potential to create my own future. If you need to get your business ideas focused and set on a good grounding, then start with this book.

Theresa Miers | In All My Glory 

Theresa Miers | Discover Online You | Female Entrepreneur



I used to dream of having more time to do what I loved.

Because of the possibilities that exist online, today I have been able to create a life I love.

Hi, I’m Soraya! After years of dreaming, I took a leap of faith and did it. I left my 9-5 corporate job to run by own online business and today, I don’t look back. For the past 10+ years I have worked in the field of digital marketing and business management. Along the way, I further pursued my learning of the online entrepreneurial space so I could do just this – help you to make the leap too!

I created this eBook to help inspire you, encourage you, and empower you to discover a business idea that’s right for you and help create a life you love.


Learn from these Entrepreneurs Who Share Their Experiences in the eBook


Here’s what more ladies have to say

I really enjoyed how Soraya wrote this book. The women she interviewed were really inspirational and I especially loved how they overcame their challenges to be able to quit their 9-5 and become full fledged entrprenuers. Discover ‘You’ is very well organized and the exercises inside to help me narrow down on my interests and how I can use those to make an online business I love. The book is true to its name because I truly discovered what makes me tick and how I can use what I love to build an online career I feel passionate about.

Gina Panozzo | Gina Bear’s Blog 

Gina Panozzo | Discover Online You | Female Entrepreneur
This is a great guide for the potential entrepreneur! Lots of great information and case studies! It leads you very gently through a voyage of self-exploration to discover who you are and what you want your business to be. 

Lauren Michel | Embrace Your Life 

Lauren Michel | Discover Online You | Female Entrepreneur


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So who exactly is this eBook for?

Is This For You? | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

Aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to build their own business, but haven’t found the right idea

Female entrepreneurs who are trying to get their business started, but haven’t quite nailed their idea

Sound like you?


Are you ready to discover a business that’s made for YOU?

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur | Discover You eBook | Discover Online You

Discover ‘You’ is 80 pages filled with inspiration, interactive activities, and prompts to help guide you through the journey of uncovering your inner entrepreneur for just $19.