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Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

…use Social Media successfully for your business?


…drive more traffic to your website?

Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook…grow, connect and engage with your audience?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let's Get Social | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

Hello Social Media! is 90 pages packed full of Social Media goodness to help your business succeed for $19.

Here’s What’s Covered…

Which platforms are right for you & your business?
With that many Social Media platforms out there, it is overwhelming to decide which ones are right for you. I lay it out for you to help you make the most informed decision as to which platforms would suit you and your business best. 
Growing Your Followers
I share my tips and tricks to help you find and build your following on Social Media.
Engaging with Your Audience
It is important to connect and engage with your audience, and I show you the best ways to do this.
Sharing Your Story on Social Media
I help guide you through the process of creating content that shares your business story and what it represents to the world.
Making a Strong First Impression on Facebook
From setting up your page to building your brand to engaging with your audience, I provide you with the guidance to maximise your business image on Facebook.
Boosting Your Post on Facebook
To boost or not to boost? That is the question indeed. I provide you with an overview of the best time to boost and when you shouldn’t worry about boosting.
Components of a Successful Facebook Ad
Before you spend any money on advertising on Facebook, it is important to have a strategy in place. I help provide you with the information you need to set up your ad, build your strategy, and evaluate its performance.
Tweet Your Heart Away
I help show you how to maximise your business presence on Twitter, and teach you best practices to tweeting.
Advertising on Twitter
Not many know that you can actually advertise on Twitter. I explain about what advertising on Twitter looks like, and how to best set up your ad.
Building Your Instagram Brand
I share with you best practices to building your business brand on Instagram.
Creating Amazing Content to Share on Instagram
I guide you through the process of creating content that is engaging and relevant to your audience and business..
Growing Your Following on Instagram
I teach you the techniques used to help you grow your following on Instagram.
What's the Deal with Hashtagging?
Hashtags here, hashtags there, hashtags everywhere, but what’s the deal with it? Hashtags are an excellent way to grow on Social Media, and I show you how to use hashtags so that it works for you and your business.
Jam Packed List of Resources
I have shared all the plugins, software and apps to use to help build and grow your presence on Social Media.

And there’s more!

PLUS real life examples to show you how theory has been put into practice

PLUS hear from REAL Women with REAL Businesses and REAL Social Media Success

PLUS gain direct access to me & the amazing Discover Online You community through our Facebook Group.


What Others Have to Say

Holy moly, what a game-changer this gem is! When it comes to gettin’ your Facey, Insta or Tweet on, this lady absolutely NAILS IT.

Within her beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed pages, Soraya generously shares her juicy nuggets of social media wisdom in a simple, straightforward and engaging manner. If you’re looking for the answers to all your social media questions, then THIS is the guide for you!

Whether you’re a newbie to the online biz world; a sassy solopreneur looking to take things to the next level; or a seasoned pro just looking for some fresh tips and hints, then ‘Hello, Social Media’ is the perfect addition to your stash of go-to reference guides.

I’ll be recommending it to all of my clients!

Shanny Matterson | Rebel + Roam

Shanny Matterson from Rebel & Roam | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

Hello Social Media! is a great informative resource for anyone who is new to social media and online marketing, and wants a friendly resource to guide them through. If you have questioned what social media platforms to use or how to use them effectively, this is the eBook for you. 

Tara Caetano | taracaetano.com

Soraya’s eBook is just what I have been searching for. An easy to follow, step-by-step guide to setting up social media.  She takes the time to explain each of the platforms mentioned and generously shares tips and others experiences to make it all feel like you can do it. Congratulations Soraya. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is finding social media difficult to navigate and putting off getting started. This book will get you moving. No more excuses!!

Danielle Street | Coach (empowering women to find their authentic voice and story), Brand and Digital Strategist, Facilitator, Writer, Storyteller, Traveller and Foodie

Danielle Street | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook



Meet Soraya | Discover Online You, Online Learning for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs | Social Media eBook

So, how do I know all this?

Because I use to be where you are.

I’m Soraya and I used to dream of having more time to do what I loved. For the past 10+ years I have worked in the field of digital marketing and business management. Along the way, I further pursued my learning of the online entrepreneurial space so I could do just this – help you to make the leap too!
Working in the realm of digital marketing for many years exposed me to the world power of Social Media. And I have taken that knowledge and experience, combined it with the tricks of the trade to create Hello Social Media!, the social media guide for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

I don’t hold back! I’ve done the research, I’ve lived the experiences, and now I share it all with you.


Learn from these Entrepreneurs Who Share Their Experiences in the eBook


Here’s what more ladies have to say

Hello, Social Media! is a fantastic guide for people like me who are just starting out promoting their business and building a following on social media. The clear, step-by-step instructions have given me more confidence using social media and enhanced my very basic knowledge!

Lauren Michel | Embrace Your Life

I loved this eBook! For a small business who has just launched, I found the content easy to follow and apply. The real life examples and step by step guide is essential for any small business owner. With a background in Digital and Marketing I can guarantee that this guide has all the content you need to start your successful social media journey.

Sarah Cargill | Yin Holistic Therapies

Soraya’s eBook on Social Media is a great resource for both social media “beginners” and experts since it gives you tons of practical tips on how to strategize your social media presence specifically for your business accounts, case studies of other business owners, as well as my favourite part – step-by-step tutorials on how to use Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads and much more! I love the fact that she asks you insightful question to reflect on the spot about your strategy, and guides you to apply the tools straight away, so you get by the end of the ebook with a whole lot of work done!

Alessia Gandolfo | Follow Your Inner Light



Take a peek inside…

Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook


So who exactly is this Social Media eBook for?

Is This For You? | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

Aspiring female entrepreneurs who are planning or currently building their business

Women who have launched their business & are looking to get build their brand on Social Media

Women who want to build their business presence on Social Media

Women who still feel like a ‘newbie’ when it comes to Social Media

Sound like you?


No more stress, no more struggle.

Together we can make Social Media a successful part of your business.

Are You Ready to Succeed with Social Media? | Discover Online You | Hello Social Media eBook

90 pages packed full of Social Media goodness to help you take your business to the next level for just $19