Meet Soraya | Discover Online You, Online Learning for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

I used to dream of having more time to do what I loved. I wanted to wake up each day with a smile on my face because I knew the day ahead would be rewarding.

And so, after years of dreaming, I took a leap of faith and did it. I left my 9-5 corporate job to launch my own online business and today, I don’t look back.

Hi! I’m Soraya, a dreamer, an explorer, and a coffee-loving female entrepreneur.

Some fast facts about me:

✶ I’m half Malaysian and half Swiss

✶ I have lived in ten countries (make that 12 cities) across Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North America.

✶ I adore travel, and that’s why I started my travel blog Hello Raya

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Meet Soraya | Discover Online You, Online Learning for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Up until recently, I worked in the corporate world with a range of businesses in digital marketing, social media, events and business management. I have been fortunate to work in various countries and closely with business owners, CEOs and senior management teams, which meant that I learnt intimately how businesses work from the inside out.

My real passion however, lies in educating and empowering women to find their confidence and independence through business opportunities online. We have everything we need to be successful business owners; we just need proper support and guidance to strengthen our efforts online.

Today I am pursuing my dream as an entrepreneur, traveling around Southeast Asia, and passionately educating women to step into their confidence and build their independence as business owners by leveraging the opportunities that exist online.

I’d love you to join me.




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